Stampede To Read

Encouraging a Lifelong Love of Reading

Since 2008, the Elizabeth Stampede has sponsored the Stampede to Read program. The success of the program is shown by the steady increase in the number of students completing the required amount of reading. But the best measure of success is the excitement the children have shown about reading. Parents have shared stories of their children being so excited to earn their ticket to the rodeo that the first thing the family has to do when they get home is to READ, even before having a snack; or asking if they can stay up just 5 more minutes reading to be sure to complete their goal.
Each year the students continue to be very excited about the assemblies that kick off the event. And who wouldn’t be when J.W. Winklepleck, our rodeo clown, comes to the schools? He manages to teach the students about rodeos AND the importance of reading, all while having a great time!  
If you would like your school, or your home schooled child, to participate, call the Elizabeth Stampede office at (303) 646-0308 or email