Community Rodeo

May 31, 2014

All events are open to everyone.

Local residency or affiliations are not required.

Download entry form and liability release

Event start times are shown below. Click the underlined links for more details:


Barrel Racing

  • 8am until 1pm
  • Open 4D
  • Junior 12 and under; Youth 13 to 18; Novice Horse; Open 4D


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Team Roping


  • Enter at 1pm, Rope at 2pm
  • USTRC number systems will be used on the first 3 ropings. If you do not have a USTRC card a number will be assigned to you.
  • All ropings will be one run (a rodeo run) and an electric eye will be used on Saturday May 31st.
  • Flaggers will flag when the heeler comes tight. Flaggers will have the final say on all runs.
  • The top two teams from each roping will come back the following Saturday June 7th 2014 and compete for the buckles. There will not be any handicaps and your straight time on Saturday June 7th will determine the buckle winners. Ropers that make it back to compete for the buckles will be running a rope barrier and the face rule will be enforced.
  • Rodeo attire is required on Saturday June 7th.
  • Entry Fees are $60 a team/$30 a man in cash. Ropers can enter 5 times in each roping as a header and a heeler. 33% will be held out as stock charge and all pay outs are in cash.
  • The crossfire rule is in effect.


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Hide Race

  • The hide race will consist of 2 contestants, one horse and one hide with a rope attached. One contestant will start north of the electric eye and drag a hide south to the barrel. The other contestant will be waiting by the barrel and is required to get on the hide once it has past the barrel. The rider must drag the hide and other contestant back north across the electric eye barrier with the other contestant remaining on the hide all the way across the barrier eye.
  • We will be running two teams at a time. Overall fastest time is the winner. Flaggers will have the final say on all runs.
  • Entry Fees are $30 a team with a third held out.  Contestants can enter once as the horse rider and once as the hide rider.


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Bull Riding

  • Check in before 6pm
  • Starts at 7pm
  • Contestants must pre-enter with Cinda Garcia 970-846-0724 by the Wednesday before (May 28th)
  • Cash only $80.00

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