Stampede to Read

Encouraging A Lifelong Love of Reading

Stampede to Read ProgramGood reading habits start at an early age and help students succeed in all areas of their life. Since 2009, the Elizabeth Stampede has been honored to partner with neighboring schools and sponsor a yearly Stampede to Read program. The goals of the program include reading at home for enjoyment, creating a lifelong love of reading, rewarding students’ ongoing reading efforts and keeping students motivated to attain end of year reading benchmarks. Additionally, students earn the chance to get up close and personal with real life rodeo athletes and learn what rodeo is about.

The program typically runs for about a month each spring with children receiving four weekly sheets to record their reading efforts. Each completed sheet returned to their teacher gets them closer to a free rodeo ticket as well as earns them a motivational trinket.

Area schools like the program because the kids can attend a local event where they can be involved in their community and at the same time it provides motivation to enhance their reading skills.

If you would like to find out more about the program and perhaps have it expanded to your school, please call the Elizabeth Stampede Office at (303) 646-0308 or email

“I believe in touching as many young lives as possible in a positive fashion – they are the future of our community and learning is everyone’s success.” Bill Snead, Elizabeth Stampede President