Board of Directors and Officers


Jeremy Rose


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Board of Directors

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Kathy Sweigart

Kathy Sweigart, President

Jace Glick

Jace Glick, Vice President

Buddy Cox

Buddy Cox, Treasurer

Joanne Hoefer

Joanne Hoefer, Secretary

Norm Alqmquist

Norm Almquist


Dana Asbridge

Linda Mai-Snead

Linda Mai-Snead

Bill Snead

Bill Snead


Traci Swisher



Our association officers are the committee chairs and vice chairs. Here is a full listing of committee functions and email addresses.

Advertising: Buddy Cox & Karen McGrath
Community Rodeo: Kevin Sage & Simone Knorr
Community Relations: Traci Swisher & Patricia Jackson
Entertainment: Fred Buhl & Cody Perkawitz
Facilities: Dennis Noland & Ricki Maher
Hospitality Corral: Pat Reinsbach & Kelly Billings
Parking/Security: Brad Hrabik & Sean Michel
Production: Open Position
Royalty: Dana Asbridge & Jill Stuebner
Social: Linda Birchem
Sponsorship: Joanne Hoefer & Bret Wade
Stampede Store: Lynda Schuck & Dana Taylor
Ticket Sales: Margaret Weber & Sue Brandes
Vendors: Cindy Rose & Kevin Whitacre
Website & Email Communications: Patricia Jackson &  Ron Howard
Historian: Ron Howard
Financials: Susan Johnson
Foundation: Joanne Hoefer