Board of Directors and Officers


Jeremy Rose


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Board of Directors

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Bill Snead

Bill Snead, President

Kathy Sweigart

Kathy Sweigart, Vice-President

Linda Mai-Snead

Linda Mai-Snead, Secretary

Buddy Cox

Buddy Cox, Treasurer

Norm Alqmquist

Norm Almquist

Jace Glick

Jace Glick

Ron Vermillion

Ron Vermillion

Joanne Hoefer

Joanne Hoefer



Our association officers are the committee chairs and vice chairs. Here is a full listing of committee functions and email addresses.

Advertising: Buddy Cox & Karen McGrath
Community Rodeo: Kevin Sage & Simone Knorr
Community Relations: Traci Swisher & Patricia Jackson
Entertainment: Fred Buhl & Cody Perkawitz
Facilities: Dennis Noland & Ricki Maher
Hospitality Corral: Pat Reinsbach & Kelly Billings
Parking/Security: Brad Hrabik & Sean Michel
Production: Open Position
Royalty: Dana Asbridge & Jill Stuebner
Social: Linda Birchem
Sponsorship: Joanne Hoefer & Bret Wade
Stampede Store: Lynda Schuck & Dana Taylor
Ticket Sales: Margaret Weber & Sue Brandes
Vendors: Cindy Rose & Kevin Whitacre
Website & Email Communications: Patricia Jackson &  Ron Howard
Historian: Ron Howard
Financials: Susan Johnson
Foundation: Joanne Hoefer